Audio Restoration

Do you have old cassettes, scratchy vinyl, or ancient master mixes of your music that you’d love to hear again, as new? We offer an excellent dust to digital’ audio rescue and restoration service which gives the muddiest, hissiest and even damaged recordings a new lease of life.

Most recordings can be significantly improved using the latest technology, in much the same way that photographs, films and videos can be brought back to life. We also bring another essential to the mix – musical expertise. We have decades of experience recording, mixing and mastering music of all genres.

Rock-a-Nore Records is interested in bands’ and artists’ vintage material, whether previously released or as yet unreleased to the wider world. Running in tandem with our audio rescue service, if we like what we hear, we will offer clients the chance to give their original songs and recordings a fresh release, on a non-exclusive basis.

For more info – contact Dan or Dean